Arts & Culture

Arts and Culture strengthen the social fabric of our communities, and participation in the arts has proven to be an effective gateway to increased academic learning, especially for children from underserved communities. Art can be used as an effective cultural tool to foster openness and connection to people and places. We value projects that combine artistic expression with educational elements that bring people and communities together to celebrate the shared values and beliefs of unique societies through the visual, performing and literary arts. 


We value education and support projects that seek to increase school stability for students of all ages with the overarching goal of reducing disparities in academic outcomes for vulnerable students. We focus on equity in order to close the opportunity gap for students who are considered at-risk and are in need of additional support. We value projects and programs that seek to improve educational outcomes and our investments aim to increase graduation rates for students who are largely underrepresented. 

Environmental Preservation

We recognize our dependence on healthy natural systems and our responsibility to protect and restore them. Being good stewards of the land we all share is an essential part of the Tribe’s culture and values. We support those who restore, preserve and protect our air, water, land and living environment so we can leave a healthier future for generations to come.


For many Oregonians, good health reaches far beyond traditional health care. Many factors have an effect on your overall health and wellbeing, such as access to housing, food & clothing, domestic violence, abuse, mental health, drug & alcohol abuse, gambling and video gaming addictions, and more. Valued projects focus on the prevention, treatment and access to the life necessities that ultimately have a positive impact on the overall health and wellbeing of all people living in northwest Oregon.

Historic Preservation

As Oregonians, we share a rich architectural, cultural and historical heritage. We recognize the importance of preserving Oregon’s historic landmarks and sacred places for our future generations, as well as informing and educating the broader community about the past stories of those who have inhabited our lands since time immemorial.  We support projects that preserve, protect and revitalize our history through oral and written documentation and the historic structural revitalization that bring communities together.

Public Safety

Public Safety is important to the protection and security of all people. Through coordination and administration of public protection resources, such as police, fire, emergency medical services and community volunteer agencies, we can assist in providing safety and security for the community.

We support projects that increase safety standards and minimize public risk through the promotion of safety awareness & education, crime prevention and emergency preparedness.