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The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, through the Spirit Mountain Community Fund, supports efforts that address the health, education and social needs of Oregonians, primarily in underserved communities. We invest in the achievements of our youth and assist with removing obstacles preventing those successes. By promoting equity and diversity, we embody our belief that all Oregonians can flourish together when we understand our shared and unique history. We honor and promote tribal sovereignty and culture by aiding in their restoration, preservation and protection now through seven generations.


The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, through the Spirit Mountain Community Fund, continues the Native tradition of potlatch, a ceremony at which good fortune is distributed. Through our grant awards, we promote sustainability, inclusion and the advancement of underserved communities, including Oregon Tribes. Our primary focus is to improve the quality of life for all people living in Northwest Oregon through effective philanthropic investments that are consistent with the Tribe’s culture and values.

News & Announcements

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News & Announcements

Our 2022 yeʔlan lima (Helping Hand) Volunteer Award Winner

Peggy Hanson, Wayside Friends Church, is the yeʔlan lima award winner for the volunteer category.

Our 2022 yeʔlan lima (Helping Hand) Paid Non-Management Award Winner

Mary Rebar, Regional Care Services Coordinator for the ALS Association Oregon and SW Washington
Chapter, is the yeʔlan lima award winner for the paid staff category.

Our 2022 yeʔlan lima (Helping Hand) Paid Management Award Winner

Morgan Parks, Oregon Education Manager for the National Wildlife Federation, is the yeʔlan lima
(Helping Hand) award winner for the paid management category.

Learn more about our Helping Hand winners from our press release

SMCF 2021 Annual Report

Our 2021 Annual Report is available now! Click the link below to see our past year's many accomplishments and partnerships.

2021 Annual Report

Grants we offer

General Purpose Grants

As a responsive funder, we support a wide range of nonprofit organizations and projects through a competitive grant program. We offer two general purpose grant programs, Small Grants and Large Grants.

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Oregon Tribal Grants

This annual grant program is open to all nine federally recognized tribes of Oregon.

Oregon Tribal Grants

Veterans Legacy

Veterans Legacy believes that no Veteran should be homeless and no Veteran should die by suicide. We aim to break the cycle of Veteran suicide for underserved Veterans experiencing homelessness, mental health and/or substance abuse issues through residential substance abuse and mental health treatment.

Our ultimate goal is that each Veteran moves forward in life addiction-free and with stable housing and employment skills, providing them with the best possible chances for life-long success.

Camp Alma is a rural residential facility featuring therapeutic agriculture, individualized treatment plans, extended stays and indefinite case management. We ensure that Veterans can successfully reintegrate into the community with job skills and housing arranged when they leave Camp Alma. Our indefinite case management helps Veterans avoid the feelings of abandonment that are common and allows for quick recognition of issues before they become serious problems.

Learn more about Veterans Legacy

View A Full List of Projects We Have Funded

            We are proud of our partnerships throughout much of Oregon! You can see all of our past                      funded projects by clicking on the link below.

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