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The Spirit Mountain Community Fund has helped 807 non-profits in Oregon since 1997. We have been delighted to partner with organizations committed to social justice, community resilience and self-sufficiency. Here are some of our stories:

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We are the The Dental Foundation of Oregon.
Here is our story:

The Dental Foundation of Oregon (DFO) was founded by the Oregon Dental Association in 1982 to help improve the oral health of Oregonians.  The DFO mission is: Improving oral health for Oregon’s children.  The Tooth Taxi is a state-of-the-art mobile dental clinic that delivers free dental care and oral health education to low-income and underserved children throughout the state of Oregon, but especially in rural communities where access to care is a challenge.  The Tooth Taxi has a full-time dentist and staff and stays at schools for up to a week at a time delivering comprehensive and preventive care.  In just over two years, the Tooth Taxi has visited over 113 schools/sites in every corner of the state, helped over eleven thousand underserved children and delivered $2,138,000 in donated dental care.  “Oregon children have among the worst oral health in the nation,” said Charlie LaTourette, DFO’s Executive Director. “But with the help of the Spirit Mountain Community Fund we are able to take the Tooth Taxi to communities that might not otherwise get dental services, and help even more children get the care they deserve.”