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The Spirit Mountain Community Fund has helped 807 non-profits in Oregon since 1997. We have been delighted to partner with organizations committed to social justice, community resilience and self-sufficiency. Here are some of our stories:

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McKenzie River Trust

McKenzie River Trust

McKenzie River Trust McKenzie River Trust McKenzie River Trust

We are the McKenzie River Trust.
Here is our story:

“The McKenzie River Trust protects special lands in Lane and Douglas Counties for their habitat, water quality, and scenic values.”

The McKenzie River Trust acquires land through donation, purchase and conservation easements to provide the greatest assurance that sensitive lands are protected in perpetuity. Over the last three and a half years the Trust has successfully raised over $3.4 million to purchase 1,040 acres in the McKenzie basin.

McKenzie River Trust has received 3 grants from SMCF totaling $67,500. In 2008, a grant was awarded for a project titled “Expansion of Community Outreach and Volunteer Program” that provided current and relevant environmental information and experiences to diverse communities in the underserved Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area.

“We at the McKenzie River Trust have the Spirit Mountain Community Fund and the members of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde to thank for our organization’s steady growth over the past nine years. Spirit Mountain has honored our work with three grants: in 2001 for the expansion of our organization, offering services to the Long Tom, Willamette, Umpqua and Siuslaw watersheds; in 2007 for the continuation and growth of our Land Stewardship program; and in 2008 for the expansion of our Outreach program. When we first applied for a Spirit Mountain Grant, we were an organization with three staffers, working diligently to protect land along the McKenzie River. In 2010, we are a thriving regional land trust, conserving and restoring more than 2,700 acres of special lands across Lane and Douglas counties. Without the capacity building support -- $67,500 in total -- provided by the Spirit Mountain Community Fund, we would not be where we are today. Thanks to SMCF we are able to get out the door and on the ground, understanding from a local level the issues in each of the watersheds we serve so we can better protect and restore the natural landscapes in western Oregon. "

Brandi Ferguson
Development Manager