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The Spirit Mountain Community Fund has helped 807 non-profits in Oregon since 1997. We have been delighted to partner with organizations committed to social justice, community resilience and self-sufficiency. Here are some of our stories:

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Kaizer/Salem Area Seniors

Kaizer/Salem Area Seniors

Kaizer/Salem Area Seniors Kaizer/Salem Area Seniors Kaizer/Salem Area Seniors

We are the Keizer/Salem Area Seniors.
Here is our story:

Imagine a cold Friday morning. As you’re trudging off to work, imagine what other people are doing. Others are heading out the door to their job or to school. Others are just heading to bed after working all night. Now here’s something really different to imagine; imagine about 100 senior citizens dancing to big band tunes at the Keizer/Salem Senior Center. It’s hard to imagine, but that’s what happens many Friday mornings. Up to 100 seniors kick up their heels and dance their Friday morning away and then sit down to enjoy a community lunch together.

In 2006, Spirit Mountain Community Fund made a $5,000 grant to the center to replace their kitchen equipment—including a new gas range and griddle replacing equipment that was over 15 years old. That equipment has been put to good use. The Keizer/Salem Area Seniors (K/SAS) provide meals 5 days a week and serve nearly 100 meals at each sitting. $5,000 doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but here’s what Art Duraski, K/SAS President said,

“SMCF funding was a great help to us. Your contribution was close to one year’s worth of fundraisers. We have 6 or 7 fundraisers a year, as well as some rental income. We are debt free and have a solid balance sheet. Our membership fee is $15 per year.”

Our $5,000 investment ensures that Salem and Keizer seniors get fed, and that they have a place to gather together for fun and fitness. That $5,000 ensures that our elders have a place to call home as they enjoy their retirement. That’s what we call a great investment.