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The Spirit Mountain Community Fund has helped 807 non-profits in Oregon since 1997. We have been delighted to partner with organizations committed to social justice, community resilience and self-sufficiency. Here are some of our stories:

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Farmworker Housing Development Corp.

Farmworker Housing Development Corp.

Farmworker Housing Development Corp. Farmworker Housing Development Corp. Farmworker Housing Development Corp.

We are the Farmworker Housing Development Corporation.
Here is our story:

Colonia Amistad is located in Independence, Oregon and is the newest residential units for Farmworker Housing Development Corporation (FHDC). In 2007, SMCF made a $41,000 investment to support educational programs at Colonia Amistad. The project served over 60 children/youth and 50 parents.

Here are the activities that our funding supported:

  1. Family literacy- focus on building reading skills for pre-kindergarten and elementary children as well as their parents
  2. After school program- offered for elementary, middle, and high school students as an academic enrichment project
  3. Summer enrichment program- supplemental educational program for children and youth
  4. Provider network to improve nutrition for farmworker families- targeted to children and families
  5. English NOW- offered in collaboration with Chemeketa Community College and builds English language skills for adults
  6. Computer Instruction- offered to adults to build their technology skills
  7. Resident association- created the association as a way to serve Colonia Amistad families
  8. Waste reduction- a new program offered to Colonia Amistad families to lessen their impact on the natural environment
  9. Northwest Family Services- offered parenting and relationship courses to adults
  10. Postpartum depression program (partnered with Easter Seals)- offered to pregnant or parenting women
  11. Neighborhood Watch Program in collaboration with the Independence Police Department- Offered to all residents of Colonia Amistad to build a safe, secure community

Spirit Mountain Community Fund’s $41,000 investment helped build a strong community for the new residents of Colonia Amistad. Our funding gave farmworker families the opportunity to improve their health and sense of community through education, healthy eating and exercise. Our investment also built basic educational skills so that children, youth and families could be successful in building lives that have meaning and purpose.