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The Spirit Mountain Community Fund has helped 807 non-profits in Oregon since 1997. We have been delighted to partner with organizations committed to social justice, community resilience and self-sufficiency. Here are some of our stories:

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Self Enhancement, Inc.

Self Enhancement, Inc.

Self Enhancement, Inc. Self Enhancement, Inc.

We are the Self Enhancement, Inc.
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Self Enhancement, Inc. (SEI), a nonprofit organization supports at-risk urban youth. According to both national and local statistics, about half of all African American students do not graduate from high school. According to Portland Public Schools, only 49% of African American students graduate from Portland public high schools in four years, meaning 51%, more than half drop out. In 29 years, SEI has grown from a 1-week summer basketball camp to a flourishing agency serving thousands of students each year in the greater Portland, Oregon area, with plans to replicate across the country. The partnership with Spirit Mountain Community Fund benefits Self Enhancement’s after school Social & Life Skills Program.   The Social and Life Skills Program includes educational opportunities promoting resiliency and self sufficiency, ethical decision-making skills, leadership development, and cultivation of healthy lifestyles. Students are able to recognize challenges and opportunities evaluate options and make choices and decisions that keep them on the path, every step of the way, through each and every transition.  Self Enhancement empowers children to break the cycle of poverty and overcome personal, environmental and societal obstacles to become positive, contributing citizens.   We succeed…with your help. For more information about SEI and how you may become a supporter, please visit their website at: