Our Grant Programs


Spirit Mountain Community Fund (SMCF) provides the majority of its funding through our General Purpose funding programs. Organizations can apply for the Small Grants funding program OR the Large Grants funding program.

Small Grants

NEW: The small grant program will no longer take annual operating budget size into consideration. Any organization applying for $5,000 or less will compete in the small grant cycle. Please review the funding calendar for deadlines.

  • The request limit is $5,000.
  • The request may not exceed 50% of the total project.
  • Applications are accepted more frequently .

Large Grants

  • Request limits are $50,000 for programmatic proposals; $100,000 for capital projects.
  • The request may not exceed 50% of the total project budget.
  • Applications are accepted quarterly

Please review our funding calendar for deadlines-they are different for Large and Small Grants

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The Oregon Tribal Grant

The Oregon Tribal Grant was created to support the nine federally recognized Tribes in Oregon. We fund one project per Tribe per year.
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The Hatfield Fellowship

Each year a Native American is selected to be the Hatfield Fellow and serve as a member of the staff to one of Oregon's representatives in Congress in Washington, DC. This internship lasts for nine months.

Hatfield Fellows are capable, motivated individuals, who, through their work in DC, acquire new skills and experiences to be change makers and leaders in their communities, producing long-term benefits for all of the Tribes and the Pacific Northwest.
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